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Software and Computer Code

Since I’ve decided to publish my researches on my personal blog, here’s just another research about why it is important to study software and computer code in the digital age. This research answers the questions: what is the digital age / information society? what is software / code? Finally, I used Google as a case study.  Your … Continue reading

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Offline e-relationships

‘The Internet is conceived as a space of activity that leads to the formation of new ties, reconfiguring access to new and existing social ties’ (Mesch and Talmud, 585). E-relationships are those relationships which we form through online interactions (e.g. social network platforms) and develop into face-to-face relationship. This phenomenon has become more obvious with … Continue reading


Facebook and Lent!

Alright, I have a confession to make. A few days ago, I have decided to give up Facebook for Lent. I thought it would be easy and a good idea since I spend a few hours going and coming back to check it. Since I’m writing this post, you may well know by now that … Continue reading

Political Economy of Tracking Technology

{The following is a research paper which I submitted for one of my courses at Swansea University} Binary code on a surface of a planet {Photo source} Introduction In the digital age, one may think the rapid development of technologies brings greater freedom as people can access and possess new technologies anywhere and at any … Continue reading


In Photos: Vigil for Gaza in Swansea

Over 50 supporters of Palestine gathered near Swansea city centre on Wednesday in solidarity with Gaza. Some of the chants they chanted were “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free”, “free free Palestine”, and “end the occupation, end the siege”. Here are some photos: Please note that this is the second event held in solidarity with … Continue reading


Towards Spiritual Growth

I was walking in Swansea University’s campus, thinking about home and about everything I left to be here, when someone handed me a piece of paper. I did not even bother to look at it at first thinking that it’s just another advertisement. Then, suddenly, I took a peek before throwing it away. It was … Continue reading


My Day Out!

Sunday the 23rd was supposed to be an exciting day full of adventure as the plan was to go visit the Gower Peninsula. Unfortunately, the weather was so bad as autumn has arrived in the UK! The rain did not stop and plans were changed to visit a national museum. Compared to the sea, the museum was … Continue reading


A dream coming true

Ten months ago, I have started a journey in which I believed would change the course of my life. Having spent more time online than in real life, I was successfully offered unconditional offers to four UK universities. This, by itself, has made me feel one step closer to a dream I never thought would … Continue reading


Bethlehem celebrates!

Some of my photos and a video of the official festival that took place today in manger square to celebrate adding “The birth place of Jesus: the Nativity Church and its pilgrimage route” to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage in Danger. ENJOY! :)


Church of Nativity officially on UNESCO list

Here are some photos of what has happened after the announcement of the UNESCO to include the Church of the Nativity (the traditional birthplace of Jesus) and its pilgrimage route to the list of World Heritage in Danger. Read more (Palestinians celebrate UNESCO vote)


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