Babies need permits to celebrate Palm Sunday

As Christians worldwide commemorate Palm Sunday, Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Palestinian Christians are required to get special permits to allow them into the Holy City. I, a Palestinian Christian, am used to seeing and holding a permit during Christmas and Easter but what I’m not used to seeing is a permit for a baby.

I immediately took of photo of the permit and I thought “speak now, or forever hold your peace”. If we, Christians of the Holy Land, do not stand up and defend our rights to enter Jerusalem just like Jesus Christ did, then our children and grandchildren will never have the chance of even walking in the Old City. If a child needs a permit now, the worst is yet to come.

Therefore, I call on all Christians in the West Bank to refuse this and to act.

And as an act of condemnation, I hereby declare that I’m boycotting Israel and I will not go to Jerusalem with a permit. I have the right to be in east Jerusalem, which is part of Palestine, without a permit.

9 Responses to “Babies need permits to celebrate Palm Sunday”
  1. Roula says:

    I did not know before now that babies need permissions! That is so sick!
    I am just wondering if they have a black list for some Palestinian babies.. lool

  2. is unbelievable. is the new Inquisition

  3. Gada says:

    I say keep your permit, go to Jerusalem as it is your right…pray, visit the old city, be a Palestinian ans a christian in you own land…But don’t go to the malls, no mamella, or malha mall…don’t buy Israeli products, don’t shop in their land…but buy fromt he poor Palestinian Christians who are waiting in the old city for someone like you to make their day!!! and pray in the city as it is yours for the days!!!

    Don’t be a passivise…be and Activist!!!

    • Jenny Baboun says:


      I agree with you. I do not buy Israeli products and I usually avoid going to malls and stuff. BUT my point is, some Muslims are able to enter Jerusalem to go pray in Al-Aqsa without permits in their feasts. Just tell me, why can’t we do the same? is it because we accept the permits and they don’t?

  4. Alan says:

    I support you Jenny Baboun, may I have permirrion to put this on the web at this website:

  5. It’s honestly really sad that you have to get permission to pray, even for a 2 months old. So sad!!

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