Bethlehem on reconciliation

On the fourth of May, the Palestinian reconciliation day, the media was monitoring every move in Palestine to see the reaction of the Palestinian people. Journalists were also tracking social networks and quoting young Palestinians’ reactions to unity deal. Al-Jazeera quoted me saying “today is the funeral of division!! #Palestine #unity”

I was a bit excited about signing the reconciliation file though I think of it as a show. Some news channels were broadcasting live from Gaza and Ramallah, and they were able to show how much Palestinians in the streets are happy for ending the division holding both Fatah and Hamas flags.

I took my camera out and spent around two hours in the streets of Bethlehem to track the reaction of Bethlehemites. Unfortunately, the two hours were a waste of time. There weren’t any flags or cheers, nothing! I was surprised.

What really saddens me is when young Palestinians in Bethlehem cheer the day before the ceremony for Spanish teams playing football somewhere in Europe and forget the next day to hold a Palestinian flag for reconciliation. This historic event saw no huge reaction in Bethlehem. I spent the afternoon with some people in the city asking them if they heard anything about the day just to be disappointed to know they do not even know what was going on in Egypt.

I wish some people are passionate about the events taking place in their country instead of being so loyal for the events in any other country.

My apologies for there is no photos from Bethlehem on reconciliation day but I loved this one by Carlos Latuff  (@CarlosLatuff)

One Response to “Bethlehem on reconciliation”
  1. Osman Al-Agha says:

    Glad to see new posts from you!

    I know It’s disappointing to see no reaction to the reconciliation in some places in Palestine, but you know this reminds me of the 25th of Jan in Egypt, not really many people reacted to it, more people joined it later when they saw it’s coming to reality.

    So, I guess when people see the fruits of the reconciliation they will start believing in it, and probably die to defend it! And you know people have reacted in other cities as well 🙂 So maybe people of Bethlehem are the busiest in Palestine 😀

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