YES, we are!

For her it didn’t make any sense, but for the world it was an enormous tragedy. She was living a normal life in a world full of abnormal people. She has got a power no one else could have. It was the power of freedom in a country that is occupied, a country that is cut in half by a senseless wall. Time has proved for her that religions do not define people. She was a Christian living in an Islamic world where Jews are just neighbors. Maybe by now you have recognized her and maybe not. She is the lost youth of Palestine. She is SUMUD.

Sumud (Arabic: صمود‎) meaning “steadfastness” or “steadfast perseverance” is an ideological theme and political strategy that first emerged among the Palestinian people through the experience of the dialectic of oppression and resistance in the wake of the 1967 war. Those who are steadfast, that is those who exhibit sumud, are referred to as samidin, the singular forms of which are samid (m) and samida (f).


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