Bethlehem “Wall Museum”

If you are anywhere near Bethlehem, I advise you to visit the “Wall Museum” that was set this Christmas on the Northern entrance of Bethlehem city (near checkpoint 300).

The poster explains that the ‘Museum’ is a series of 25 posters about “the stories of suffering and oppression as well as ‘sumud’ (steadfastness or resilience), inner strength and cultural identity are chosen to bring out the truth of Palestinian life which the Wall tries to hide and kill.” The project is an initiative of the Sumud Story House/Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem.

The writers of these posters are Palestinian women living in Bethlehem! Imagine yourself sitting on the laps of your grandmother and listening to her narration of any story. To tell you the truth, images of female storytellers with children gathered around them at the beginning of any movie is the best.

Writing, like peaceful protests, is one method of peaceful resistance which should be supported by everyone.

“People are hungry for stories. It’s part of our very being.   Storytelling is a form of history, of immortality too. It goes from one generation to another.” — Studs Terkel

A news article was written on Ma’an News Agency, should you wish to read it click here.

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