How to make a Palestinian piñata

On each of my friends’ birthdays, I face the difficulty of choosing the right present. This time, I came up with the idea of making a Palestinian version piñata. My idea was to paint the separation wall on a homemade piñata. You may ask why I chose a symbol of oppression. Well, it’s all about breaking it! When the fillings of the piñata fall, it’s party time!

PS: this piñata was made for a Palestinian activist!

Making a piñata is so easy, all you need is:

Some old newspapers
Old sheet or drop cloth
A round balloon
A large bowl
Plain white paper
Candy and other fillings
A ribbon or strong thread

You first need to cover your work space with a drop cloth (you may also use newspapers). Then begin with tearing the old newspapers into strips. You’ll need enough pieces to cover your balloon at least three layers.

Mix up the glue with water. You need to put the glue in the large bowl, mix it with water (double quantity). Then add some flour to the mixture.

Blow up your balloon.

Dip a newspaper strip into your paste or glue, shake off any excess moisture, and press it onto the balloon. Smooth down any bumps. Repeat, overlapping the strips, until the entire surface is covered in one layer. Leave a small, unpapered space at the top so you have an opening for the pinata’s filling.

Let each layer dry completely before applying another. Three layers is the minimum. Use plain white paper for the last layer so you have a clean base for decorating.

Let the paper dry overnight, then pop the balloon and remove it through the unpapered hole.

Paint the pinata.

Make a small slit on either side of the hole. Push a ribbon or strong thread into one slit, and pull it out of the pinata through the other slit.

Then fill the pinata with candy and any other fillings. Make sure to have any kind of candy wrapped with silver. It would look as if bricks of the wall have fallen! Here’s an idea of what I used.
PS: I’ve also put my gift inside but wrapped in bubble bag so as not to break and used a Palestinian flag on it.

Seal the top hole with more newspaper strips dipped in paste. Let it dry, paint it, and hang up the pinata with the ribbon that you strung through it.

Then let your activist BREAK it with a stick! But make sure to put a keffiyeh on their shoulders 🙂

2 Responses to “How to make a Palestinian piñata”
  1. Sarah says:

    Great post, Jenny!

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