The Digital Ecology and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Research question: How has the digital ecology impacted the Palestinian – Israeli conflict? The Palestinian – Israeli conflict has been ongoing since the late 19th century. The world has entered a new era in which digital technology is constantly developing, so it is important to look at the transition of the conflict into the digital … Continue reading

Software and Computer Code

Since I’ve decided to publish my researches on my personal blog, here’s just another research about why it is important to study software and computer code in the digital age. This research answers the questions: what is the digital age / information society? what is software / code? Finally, I used Google as a case study.  Your … Continue reading

Political Economy of Tracking Technology

{The following is a research paper which I submitted for one of my courses at Swansea University} Binary code on a surface of a planet {Photo source} Introduction In the digital age, one may think the rapid development of technologies brings greater freedom as people can access and possess new technologies anywhere and at any … Continue reading