How to make a Palestinian piñata

On each of my friends’ birthdays, I face the difficulty of choosing the right present. This time, I came up with the idea of making a Palestinian version piñata. My idea was to paint the separation wall on a homemade piñata. You may ask why I chose a symbol of oppression. Well, it’s all about breaking … Continue reading

Mother of 4 jailed sons: Christians suffer for homeland

“Since 2004, the whole family did not gather, not even once. Someone is always missing,” recounted Alexandra Halabi, a Christian mother of four sons imprisoned by Israeli forces. When Alexandra’s eldest son Raed was detained in July 2004, she did not know it was only the beginning of a struggle that would scatter her family. … Continue reading

Bethlehem “Wall Museum”

If you are anywhere near Bethlehem, I advise you to visit the “Wall Museum” that was set this Christmas on the Northern entrance of Bethlehem city (near checkpoint 300). The poster explains that the ‘Museum’ is a series of 25 posters about “the stories of suffering and oppression as well as ‘sumud’ (steadfastness or resilience), … Continue reading

YES, we are!

For her it didn’t make any sense, but for the world it was an enormous tragedy. She was living a normal life in a world full of abnormal people. She has got a power no one else could have. It was the power of freedom in a country that is occupied, a country that is … Continue reading


On the ground, hardly breathing Foam from mouth Blood on earth Shouts everywhere Rush, hurry up are the only words heard First aid done by an expert A heart stopped bumping The first electronic shock Then the second No beeping heard yet Weeping of women Screaming is heard Carried on shoulders Laid on a white … Continue reading