Breaking news… stormy infiltrator foiled!

Eyewitnesses: the snow storm was stopped at Za’tara checkpoint; occupation forces are searching every cloud of it. Reports say four clouds, a polar bear and an undercover penguin were detained allegedly for smuggling water to the Palestinian territories. The Quartet intervened but failed. Mr. Ban Ki Moon called to inquire about the situation without getting … Continue reading

Drivers protest Israeli-only roads in West Bank

[Featured photo by Fadi Arouri] (Arabic version follows) Around 60 people from across the West Bank on Tuesday January 10, 2012 tried to drive from Jericho to Ramallah on an Israeli-only road to protest Israel’s restrictions on Palestinian movement. Popular resistance committees organized the motorcade of around 50 cars to protest the network of roads … Continue reading

Bethlehem “Wall Museum”

If you are anywhere near Bethlehem, I advise you to visit the “Wall Museum” that was set this Christmas on the Northern entrance of Bethlehem city (near checkpoint 300). The poster explains that the ‘Museum’ is a series of 25 posters about “the stories of suffering and oppression as well as ‘sumud’ (steadfastness or resilience), … Continue reading

قداس إلهي في منطقة كريمزان المهددة بالمصادرة

تحت شعار “الأرض لنا، نحن نعيش وموجودون هنا”، أقام مسيحيو محافظة بيت لحم قداسا إلاهيا في منطقة كريميزان وذلك كرد من أهالي المحافظة على النوايا الإسرائيلية بضم آلاف الدونمات من أراضي منطقة كريميزان والولجة داخل جدار الضم والتوسع وحضر القداس مستشار الرئيس الفلسطيني للشؤون المسيحية زياد البندك، ونائب رئيس بلدية بيت جالا وجمع غفير من … Continue reading

Bethlehem march for prisoners released to exile

On October 20, 2011, hundreds of residents of Bethlehem marched with candles and torches in support of prisoners from the West Bank city who were released to exile in Gaza as part of a captive swap deal with Israel.

Tiny Palestinian group dodged blame on 9/11

[By Jenny Baboun and George Hale] BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Qais Abu Laila was ready to head home from his Ramallah office when a telephone call thrusted him into the center of an unfolding event which, for many, would define the coming decade. It was late afternoon on Sept. 11, 2001, and Abu Laila’s leftist faction … Continue reading

Oh, Jerusalem!

Pentecost or the fifteenth day is one of the prominent feasts in the Christian liturgical year commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Disciples of Christ after the Resurrection. It is celebrated seven weeks (50 days) after Easter Sunday. On this day, June 12, 2011, I had received a permit that allowed me … Continue reading

Remember when…?

Nine years ago, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) invaded Bethlehem as part of an operation across the West Bank cities. They tried to capture “wanted” Palestinians in an attempt to stop the operations against Israel at that time. On April the 2nd, the Israeli troops surrounded the Nativity Church where around 220 Palestinians and monks resided. … Continue reading

YES, we are!

For her it didn’t make any sense, but for the world it was an enormous tragedy. She was living a normal life in a world full of abnormal people. She has got a power no one else could have. It was the power of freedom in a country that is occupied, a country that is … Continue reading

Life beyond “The Wall”

It is commonly referred to as the “Apartheid Wall” or the “Racial Segregation Wall” or even some call it the “Separation Barrier”. Others go further in calling it the “Security fence” or “anti-terrorist fence”. But the question is: what is its purpose? The so-called wall is a 15 minutes walk from my house in Bethlehem. … Continue reading