Life beyond “The Wall”

It is commonly referred to as the “Apartheid Wall” or the “Racial Segregation Wall” or even some call it the “Separation Barrier”. Others go further in calling it the “Security fence” or “anti-terrorist fence”. But the question is: what is its purpose? The so-called wall is a 15 minutes walk from my house in Bethlehem. … Continue reading

When the PA does not have a clue!

Today, shocking news came across me which until now I refuse to believe. A good friend of mine, a scout leader like myself, confessed that he was detained by the Palestinian authority preventive security forces for about a month. This is parts of what happened. Around three months ago, the PA forces took him for … Continue reading

Bethlehem on reconciliation

On the fourth of May, the Palestinian reconciliation day, the media was monitoring every move in Palestine to see the reaction of the Palestinian people. Journalists were also tracking social networks and quoting young Palestinians’ reactions to unity deal. Al-Jazeera quoted me saying “today is the funeral of division!! #Palestine #unity” I was a bit … Continue reading

Sea on The Highway

I am a young Palestinian Christian woman in my early twenties. I was excited to receive my holiday travel permit, allowing me to visit lands occupied by the military in 1967, and Palestinian areas in Israel. Most other months of the year I am not allowed to go into Jerusalem, or to Yaffa or Haifa … Continue reading